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We designed Rentado to disrupt the current renter-landlord structure and bring innovation to the industry.  Our team has identified key points in the relationship that can be improved upon using current available technology.  

Imagine a way for renters to easily pay rent and to instantly communicate service or property issues. Rentado is ideal for small to medium sized rental units, and has an array of features for managers and owners to assist with tracking, and managing multiple units, as well as multiple properties. Included is a feature that, if enabled, can automatically document and organize complaints, messages, and repairs, in the event of a dispute with a tenant or manager. The goal of Rentado is to provide both renters and managers an easy and simple way to interact, all in one place.

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  • Full Suite Unlock, Streamline requests and communication
  • Manage Tenant Payments- up to 1000 properties

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  • Automate Maintenance Requests
  • Full Access to Management Tools

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